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We had a bedbug infestation in our building that lasted about 6 months, and was a total nightmare. I started noticing itchy bites on my body in Oct 2009. My boyfriend did not have any bites, so we weren't alarmed at first. Then, I searched our mattress and found a ton of them at the head of the bed (which was up against the wall of our bedroom). We called the landlord, who had obviously never dealt with this issue before. He told us to call an exterminator ourselves and that he would "split the

cost" with us. While we knew that he was responsible for the entire cost, we decided to pursue the matter later, and just wanted to get the extermination done ASAP. We called a company that had been recommended by some friends. The preparation was tiring and so time consuming, as any person who has dealt with this knows. After a few treatments, the infestation was just not going away, no matter how much we tried. We kept finding bugs that were still alive in the bedroom weeks later. They exterminated the bedroom at least 2 or 3 more times after that. Even the extermination company couldn't figure out where they were coming from. We even had a friend who is an exterminator come over and do a treatment. In the meantime, we had repeatedly told the landlord to get the whole building inspected, as other apartments could be infested, and our infestation was not going away. He did not do this, so we told our neighbor about the problem, (who complained to the landlord) and the landlord finally agreed to have the whole building inspected. Low and behold, the infestation was coming from a tenant on the floor above us! They found bugs in all apartments except for one. The whole building was finally exterminated in Feb 2010. We haven't had any problems since March 2010. The landlord reimbursed us for the remainder of the cost. I don't think that he was trying to screw us or anything, he just really didn't know what the hell he was doing, and I think that if another infestation occurred in the building, he would get on it ASAP. For the most part, he was pretty receptive to our requests, but he should have taken the time to understand the issue better, and had the whole building inspected in the beginning.

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