112 N 8th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211-2802

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The whole building is infested with bed bugs. We started getting bit around the winter of 2007, but didn't know what they were. The problem became severe in the summer of 2008, after other apartments (it's a small building, four stories and seven apartments) were "treated" by an exterminator who had no clue what he was doing. After a battle with the landlord he came to "treat" ours as well, which he did with a cockroach fogger. We had to clean the poison from the whole place and it didn't help t

he bedbug problem. After assiduous, every day vacuuming and changing the sheets every day and encasing everything in plastic, they seemed to go away. Now, in October 2009 the damn things are back and I've had enough -- I'm moving. Apparently they move through the walls of the apartments which are all connected all down the block. Don't move in! You'll never get rid of them!

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