500 Driggs Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211-2019

Found 4 reports:

I rented a aprtment in the 4 floor and while living there I found Huge Bedbug in mt living room sofa. I believe the bedbug were tranfer by the Manager when she was trying to gave me a disposes. The manager new that I was afraid of bug. Will, she was right. The following week I left the apartment only with my cloth on.

NOTE be careful with the manager:

The management only treated the one apartment that apt, mine, and at least one other on my floor have had additional bugs. The mgmt is forgetting to mention that the Junk store (the used furniture store) connects to the laundry room of the residential building. It is not going to be easy to rid ourselves.

Bed bugs have actually been found in the laundry room AND the used furniture store. Every apt has not been treated and they have appeared in my laundry. I was not the original apartment and have had to throw out my mattress due to bites. (6th floor)

someone found a bedbug in an apt on the 4th floor... but the management sent an exterminator immediately and it was apparently wiped out and the place was clean thereafter. however we were all terrified for a moment there.

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