108 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211-1115

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Pls note, I do not mean to cause panic. My place was successfully treated and they are gone. whoever does see them in this building should tell the landlord. He really cares and will help you take care of it. If all apts in the bldg aren't treated they will never go away. The more we tell our landlord the more he can help the problem stay away from the building forever!

To the anonymous person who just posted, which apt. are you? Pls come by to talk sometime...we are currently living in the same building and the landlord needs to do something about this. I really think we should talk about this.....I would be willing to put my apt # on this bulletin if you want to talk to me....

Yes, I believe the Gibson is infested as well. I was having a drink there one night, and a young woman ran out saying she had bed bugs and had just been bitten at the Gibson. At the time, I brushed it off as paranoia, but I did have bites on my legs, which I thought were mosquito bites.
Turns out they weren't!
I had lived here a full year before the bar opened and had no problems. Though I may never know what caused the problem, I'm sure having a bar open in the building with people const

antly going in and out doesn't help the situation!

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I heard the Gibson bar on the first floor has bedbugs. People say they have been bitten while there.

I had found a row of bites on my leg one weekend, and out of paranoia went out to buy mattress, box spring, and pillow encasements and also hired a bedbug dog to investigate.

On Saturday, Aug 1, the dog smelled them near my mattress area, but fortunately, nowhere else in the apartment. They immediately sprayed poison on the floors and some of my furniture.

I spent the weekend washing everything in hot water and drying on high heat, or just throwing stuff out. I also quarantined all of my c

lothing into plastic storage bins and vacu seal bags. Everything has been bleached and is as clean and as organized as can be.

I hope they stay away!! Does poison really kill them?

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