303 99th St
Brooklyn, NY 11209-8001

Found 3 reports:

Found 2 adult bedbugs July 5th. Noticed a mattress covered in bedbugs sitting outside by the trash July 4th. Reported to other tenants about my infestation and advised them to contact the landlord about extermination/prevention plan. Received an angry call from the landlord this morning admonishing me for overstepping my boundaries. The entire building needs to be informed of an infestation so the bedbugs don't travel from apartment to apartment.

Moved in June 1, 2012. Started noticing bites in about 2 weeks. Found my first adult bed bug June 22. Ran into the broker who found this apt for me and she admitted there were bed bugs in the building a few months ago. Super claims the building never had bed bugs. Noticed a mattress today (July 4th) by the trash covered in bed bugs. One treatment last week. One this week.

A week after moving into a studio on the 2nd floor my boyfriend and I both starting getting bit. We thought at first it was a few spider bites or that something came in through the window, but the super confirmed it's bedbugs. They tried to claim this was the "first time" they've seen them in the building, however their familiarity with the bugs was unsettling. Afterwards my super admitted he also had them in his apt on the 4th floor..and not even the apt directly above me. Guess the bed bugs de

cided to take the elevator up to the 4th floor and skip everyone else's apt besides mine and his, huh?

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