9747 Shore Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11209-7606

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Roommate moved out Friday, June 18. Found one breeding ground in closet. Saw a nymph with a bright red round body. Some casings, trails of fecal matter on the wood furniture and in the wood desk and near the bed. Mattress did not show direct infestation, though. Seemed like nesting area in wooden bench at end of bed. Noticed odd smell from bedroom for months, but could not recognize. Roommate had kept mothballs in the closet where the breeding ground was, and from what I have read about the "swe

et" smell of bed bug fecal matter, I believe the smell was a combination of the moth balls, fecal matter and the very non-hygenic lifestyle of the roommate. I caulked the closet and sealed it with caulking and packers tape. Also sealed the outside of the room that goes into the hall of my apartment. So far, I have not seen any signs of bed bugs in the rest of the apartment. My bedroom and closet were completely turned upside down, and there was no indication of bedbugs. The super knows about this and told me not to tell the management. He also informed me that they found bed bugs in the apartment of an elderly tenant who had recently died.

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