371 95th St
Brooklyn, NY 11209-7303

Found 2 reports:

This building is completely infested. Just as the previous poster states from more than a year ago (7/2009), the landlord is not handling the situation properly. My furniture is ruined and the apartment is crawling with them. I get bitten constantly, while sleeping and from my clothes during the day. Also like the previous poster shares, people move out and others are unsuspectingly moved in.

there is a bedbug infestation at this address. several apartments in the front of the building are affected. I have been getting bites and have seen bugs in my bedroom. this has been going on since October of 2008 to present. Then landlord has been trying to exterminate, but only the apartments that are seeing the bugs not the whole building. I don\\\'t think he is going about it the right way, because we still have them and people are moving out. the vacant apartments are being painted and new

people are moving in without knowing what is going on. I feel sorry for them.

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