305 95th St
Brooklyn, NY 11209-7303

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I moved into this apartment building 2 years ago and had bed bug problems pretty much the entire time. I was so hopeful that the problem would be solved after each spray, but the exterminators the landlord used were not effective at all, since my apartment was treated but they didn't bother to treat anyone else around me so the bugs came back 4 or 5 times. I spoke to the exterminators and they confessed that this building has had issues for years due to landlord and tenant negligence. I also dis

covered that tenants across both sides of the building had issues- and this was after the super tried to accuse me of being responsible for the problem for some unknown reason( not the case since I got my first bites two days after I had moved in and thought they were giant mosquito bites) and I had never had any issues with bed bugs before this apartment. One particular neighbor two floors above me had to hire their own exterminator at their own expense. This landlord is a mess and doesn't care about their tenants and they're very rude and neligent about dealing with repairs and exterminations. Move at your own risk

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I moved into the multi-unit building early 2011. I started getting itches on my feet so i thought it was allergies because i get seasonal allergies and i even went to dermatolgist to check on the rashes to make sure its allergies and not bedbug bites,she said it is allergies( misdiagnosed). A month later i saw a bug crawling on my lamp and i sorta ignored it , one night i was out with friends and we started talking about bedbugs and how do we know if we have them in the aptment and he mention b

lood stains on bedsheets, itching during middle of the night etc.. i went home check my sheets and noticed the stains ,i got up in the middle of the night to check for bedbugs i found aleast 4 or 5 each night.I told management about it they gave a number for exterminator ,i had the apt spray twice and i havent seen it since but i heard from my neighbors that they had bedbugs in their aptment in the past.

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