305 95th St
Brooklyn, NY 11209-7303

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I moved into the multi-unit building early 2011. I started getting itches on my feet so i thought it was allergies because i get seasonal allergies and i even went to dermatolgist to check on the rashes to make sure its allergies and not bedbug bites,she said it is allergies( misdiagnosed). A month later i saw a bug crawling on my lamp and i sorta ignored it , one night i was out with friends and we started talking about bedbugs and how do we know if we have them in the aptment and he mention b

lood stains on bedsheets, itching during middle of the night etc.. i went home check my sheets and noticed the stains ,i got up in the middle of the night to check for bedbugs i found aleast 4 or 5 each night.I told management about it they gave a number for exterminator ,i had the apt spray twice and i havent seen it since but i heard from my neighbors that they had bedbugs in their aptment in the past.

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