275 93rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11209-6805

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I lived here for one year from May 2008 to May 2009 on the third floor and I had to throw out all of my furniture; bed, couch, rugs, and desk chair. I had no idea what bed bugs were until I saw them crawling up through the floor and falling from the ceiling fixtures. I asked the landlord to address the issue and he said that it was a building scale issue, not just my room. He hired an exterminator, but the bed bugs came back after three - four weeks. I ended up caulking every crack I could f

ind in the apartment and bought the repellent powder. I surrounded my bed with this chemical for six months. The powder helped me sleep safely, but I still noticed bed bugs through out the hallway and elsewhere in my apartment. The powder was the last thing in the apartment when I moved out. It was disposed of and so were the clothes on my back.

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