9303 Shore Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11209-6602

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Management knows there is a bedbug problem. It has been going on so long they cannot eliminate it.
Get a bedbug disclosure report from the managing agent if you sign a lease for an apt in this building. It is required by law that they disclose the bedbug history. They have not given out this report to new tenants and are purposely hiding the problem.

There is a bedbug infestation and the landlord did not disclose that information as required by law, when I signed a lease. The landlord should have provided me with a bedbug infestation history for both my apartment and the entire building before I signed a lease. I did not and still have not received a bedbug infestation disclosure form from the landlord and the apartment I rented has bedbugs. Neighbors have admitted they had bedbugs prior to my moving in. You might not ever see a bug so it's

difficult to prove and not everyone has an allergic reaction to the bites. There is a smell like rotting raspberries in some closets and the same smell occurs in the bedroom when the door and window are closed for a while and no air circulates.

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There was a horrible smell in the closets from the day I moved in, kind of a weird sweet smell, and it turns out that it is the smell of accumulated fecal matter from bed bugs!
They are living under the floor boards and inside electrical sockets.
Apartment 4F.

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