9101 Shore Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11209-6103

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I'm looking to rent an apartment in this building located on 6th floor A line. Is the bed bug problem still active in this building?

My husband and I are are looking at an apartment in this building has anyone had reports of bed bugs recently in this building. If so can you please tell me which section of the building. Thank you.
I really appreciate it.

Bedbugs reported again on the 3rd floor in the B section of the building not in the same line as the previous infestations. This new outbreak occured in Spring 2010. As usual building mgmt is very hush-hush and doesn't want other tenants to know.

We have formed a tenants committee and have met with building management. They have pledged to do a thorough treatment of the entire B wing, something they should have done a year ago when the problem was first discovered on the second floor.

Bedbug infestation has spread to all floors in the B section and beyond the original two apt lines. The bldg is unable to get it under control.

February, 2009. Bedbugs reported in 4 units. Seem to be spreading upwards along an infested wall.

November - December, 2008 Bedbug infestation in neighboring apartment spread to mine. Building claims it exterminated in the source apartment, but source apartment had repeated occurrences. Currently attempting extermination in my apartment. I am told there is no guarantee that treatment will be successsful.

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