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I live on the fifth floor and discovered bed bugs crawiling up the wall near the bed. Because we have two cats I initially thought they were brown dog ticks since the building is dog friendly and proceeded to treat the studio as such. Its been over a month and we are still seeing bugs. Today we discovered that apartments on the floor below were infested and several apartments below were affected besides our studio. Exterminators were seen with the superintendent inspecting apartments where they

were reported. Since we are using both Ortho Home Defense which has permethrin and a dilution of rubbing alcohol sprayed on linens and matress and carpet we are minimizing the spread.

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I live on the first floor for the past 6 months and have been the only one in the apartment. Suddenly a couple of months ago I noticed them climbing the walls. I had an exterminator come in ($640) and have had to have them back twice since then. I'm still finding the bugs and will have to have the exterminator back for the fourth time. They seem to be coming through the walls. Landlord doesn't want to hear about it, still trying to get them to foot at least some of the bill. I've hear

d from others that there are 5 other apartments with the problem.

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I lived on the 5th floor and had them come in through my outlet. Girl in the office tried saying that you cant see bed bugs. Wanted to punch her. After screaming at them they sent an exterminator.
Havent seen them since. Still hate the office.

I too had bed bugs in my apartment. The landlord tried to force me to pay for it but I refused and they eventually conceded and brought in an exterminator. I too got it from another apartment in the building that apparently failed to address the matter right away, according to the exterminator. It still cost me an arm and a leg because I had to wash all of my clothes, comforters, etc.

my apartment was infested shortly after i moved in. come to find out the people next door to me are not from this country and have numerous visitors on a consistant basis. the landlord would not come to my apartment to check and when i showed him the bites he said i was crazy and dirty individual. I had to hire my own extermination company who confirmed bed bugs and the landlord refused to believe him saying it was fruit flies. i payed for my own extermintaion and am now finding out that the

re are several more people in the building with the same problems and the landlord refuses to accept this because of the cost.

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