332 90th St
New York, NY 11209-5806

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I figured out this apartment building had bed bugs in 2006, late winter/early spring.

The apartment had our beds lofted in the air and I noticed that I was waking up with bite marks all over my body. Thinking it was bed bugs and a new mattress was an easy fix I bought myself a brand new mattress. When I pulled down the old one I saw hundreds if not thousands of bugs crawling everywhere.

I called an exterminator and they came to take care of my room, but it was an extra $400 per room and I

had 3 other roommates. They didn't want to pay for extermination. Our landlord used his own spray but it essentially did nothing. I was the only one of the roommates who put my belongings in air tight bags for 3 months.

I ended up moving out of the apartment due to the infestation. As far as I know, the building was not treated, the landlord didn't seem to care much about our wellbeing.

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