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After a week or two of constantly getting bit in the middle of the night, we started noticing one or two bugs crawling on the bed (even in the daylight). Exterminator confirmed to us the other day it's bed bugs & we are supposed to get treated in two days. Two days can't be soon enough.

The process has been excruciatingly painful, having to put all of our personal things in bags. Management company is the worst you can deal with here at this residence. There is a vacant apartm

ent on 2nd floor & both exterminators confirmed there was a bed bug problem in the apartment RIGHT ABOVE OURS! We were never informed of this by the management company or the rest of the building.

Exterminator said he confirmed that the apartment does in FACT have them and saw one after he inspected our apartment too, and is going to try and treat them. Tenants are unruly and like to shoo away exterminators and electricians from time to time.

Between the management company not taking proper action and these critters of the night, I don't know what is worse!

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