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Just came across this registry. BB's were found in my apartment in November 2008. Am surprised that only one or two tenants reported it, because I was aware of at least 6 other tenants -- all within the same area - NE corner - of the building. In fact one tenant on the 4th floor literally threw out all his furniture and the tenants directly above me moved out. My bed needed replacing, but little else was damaged. AND I got immediate assistance from the managing agent for the owners. It to

ok the exterminators 3 visits to do the job, the last time in March 2009. And then there were none.

Thankfully the majority of tenants (around 81 units) didn't have to suffer bed bug syndrome. They seemed to congregate at one side.

June 3, 2011

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A number of us tenants are puzzled/concerned by reports of bedbugs here:
-- We know that a couple of people have reported them, but no one else in this large (70-plus unit) building seems to have them. And since bedbugs are a huge NYC issue, people chat about it, are worried, and would _not_ be shy if they had a problem!
-- Contrary to what one post here says ... the NYC Housing Preservation Department (HPD) site [which lists all building gripes] doesn't list "many" BB reports for this addres

s: In the bldg's whole available history, there have been BB reports from just two apartments, in Dec '08 and Feb '09.

So if others do have them, please report it. Because in a building this size, BB complaints from just two apartments won't elicit a mega-response from HPD or management. And most of us are baffled -- since we've heard about the BB gripes, but no one seems to have the things.

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I've been breaking out in large welts for a couple of months and finally went to the doctor who diagnosed them as an alergic reaction to bed bugs bites. I immedaiately called an exterminator on my own to get him in to start treating my apt. immediately. I could not wait for someone from the building to get back to me.
The Super has told me there was a report from one other apt. in the building. But it didn't seem to be of great concern and didn't sound like any extra care was being taken to

get rid of them. The owner did not know anything about it and told me to call the Building Managment.

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We have them throughout our entire apartment. According to the NYC Housing Department's website we are one of many units in this building to suffer from bedbugs. Our management company has done nothing but return one phone call with no direct answers. Our Super has promised twice to bring us supplies to start the fight, but he has not delivered and it has been about a week. At this point even my dog is showing signs of being bitten. I have invested over $400, with the addition of time and labor

in preparation for extermination...but I am still waiting for professional help, the bugs are still multiplying while I wait.

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