8701 Ridge Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11209-4907

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First spotted several bedbugs on bed & a few randomly around apartment. Landlord treated apartment and all was Ok for a year. Then spotted them coming in from cracks in the old wood floors around apartment's entry. At that point I knew they were in the building and no matter how many times the apt. was treated unless the whole building is treated they will be back. Spotted them around old cracked baseboards periodically, indicating their presence in whole building. Sprayed frequently with chem

icals that seemed to keep the bugs at bay.Also knew of two other tenants in apts. on other side of building who spotted bugs on their bedding, or in laundry room and in apt. Landlord very cooperative in having apt. immediately exterminated whenever necessary(though this is only a temporary problem if the whole building is not treated at the same time).

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