8624 Ridge Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11209-4906

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My husband was bitten at night in our apartment sleeping. We thought it was a mosquito even though all our windows were closed.
A neighbor told us about her apartment being infested with bed bugs and how other tenants also had it.
Later that night, we found 4 bugs in our couch. I went to Management the next morning and they seemed not to care. They explained it as a casual problem even though more than 6 apartments are infested. I requested to speak to the person in charge of the building an

d Management said the person in charge wasn't present. I tried to contact the manager a few times in the same day and the secretary gave me the run around. The secretary also said an exterminator will be giving me a phone call. Did they call? OF COURSE NOT!
The building is infested and needs to be exterminated completely. In conclusion, mostly every apartment has had them or has them. They are just scattering from apartment to apartment since the building is not being fully exterminated by a certified bedbug professional.

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