8414 4th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11209-4606

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Actually this is for 84-15 4h avenue Apt E 12 has
millions of cats. Re: the cat Lady. Bugs and bed bugs like crazy. Also this lady rips off people by pretending to have a bedroom for rent collecting a month's rent and 1 month's security then locking out the person and stealing their money.
This is the old lady of bayridge ripping off people and trying hard to keep it her secret.
Also informs the rentee that they will be sleeping in the cats bed. This lady is very rude and abrupt.

for someone that rips off people. She almost had me for a second but I picked up her scam when she said that she locks people out and keeps their security. she is also overcharging them especially since her apartment is still the old rent controlled. She is charging them $650.00 times 2.
Yikes no wonder noone can find an apartment. This lady is a criminal.

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Found bedbugs ... heard there a real problem in this building .. cant seem to get rid of them

I just moved in and there is a bedbug infestation in the left wing of the building. The first night I stayed there I got bit, and killed a few of them. The next night was worse, more and more. I heard that the next door neighbor of my apartment is the one who introduced them, and that they have moved out. They sprayed my apartment 2 days before I moved in and I still found a bunch of them. Landlord is responsive to the problem, at least. Another pest control rep came today and he seems to know

his business, said he would go over both apartments at once. Let's hope it works.

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