401 76th St
Brooklyn, NY 11209-3203

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my sister lives in this building and she told me people are moving in and out because when they move in they are not told they have a problem with bed bugs. its a very big problem. funny thing happened a friend just told me they found a very nice apt for rent i said good luck just stay away from 401 76 street they have bedbugs. it turns out thats where the apt was.they are not taking it...............

this location still has bedbugs. Some of the tenants were not taking the correct precautions. The landlord is having exterminators come, but it seems hopeless

We just moved in the apartment on the 1st to find little bites about 4-5 days later. One of my bites was bigger than a 50 cent piece!! The next day i had an exterminator come in and look for evidence unfortunatly he found nothing. The bites continued :(

Our landlord is ancient and taking forever to get his exterminator in the building. Before we told him, he apparently knew that the guy above us had them. Its now been almost 2 weeks. we are getting very frustrated and not sure how to get th

is taken care of!

Apparently the guy below us now also has them**

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