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I live in 218 74 street and this is another building owned by Madeline who is a horrible landlord who does over charge for broke own apts that she is not willing to upgrade or repair. Madeline is very disrespectful and only cares about money. My apt was roach infested and I had to exterminate myself god knows what it did to my lungs also there are cases of bed bugs in this building. This lady is rude took y parking right in my face knowing I was waiting and knowing I'm her tenant didn't even bot

her to say sorry. This building is falling apart and still she does nothing. Please do not rent from this evil lady she will make your moving and living a nightmare

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12/6/11 this morning I woke up with my arm covered with itchy red spots. I looked on my mattress and found bedbugs. I called an exterminator but I don't know if its gonna help. Moving into this building has turned out to be one of the worst decisions I ever made. The super is sub-par and the landlady is a nightmare who overcharges rent for a building that is busted down and infested. I'm moving out first chance I get.

I was there for one year,just left,plz dont move into this building,there are several cases of bedbugs situation,i did all my best for many months,five times exterminations,vacccum,powder,mapped with the kerozene,and they still there.u will regret,so u know what u have to do.

7201 ridge blvd-e8 I am disgusted with the landlord-madeline behette. She came to my apt 11pm on a sat because she thought I was trashing her on the internet by posting on this site. So guess what? Now I am posting her name.I will stick to facts and what I feel so as not to libel her.

she held onto an old rent check that she told me she tore up and threw away because it was unacceptable (I took money out of the rent for my roommates bed I felt she should have payed for due to her brand new s

ofabed becoming infested with bedbugs). When I gave her notice and didn't pay january rent she cashed this old check without my consent or knowledge.

I feel madeline is conniving.I feel She will do everything she can to pin bedbugs on you.classic madeline quotes include: "There is no shame in this sweetheart. It happens to everyone." "We all have to do our part-even fancy hotels get them." "One man found one in a box from the grocerystore. One woman hung her coat next to someone in the doctors office.""The woman downstairs her son brought them and she feels bad." Well really, madeline? Because last month you told me I brought them and no one else had them.

At one point she berated me for bringing things like suitcases into the apartment that bugs like to hide in. She berated me for traveling home for the holidays and said I must have brought them back.
She said I had too many belongings. Why do I need so many books? Because I can fill an entire room floor to ceiling with books if I so choose.

I think it should be a tenant's right to sit in a chair, on a sofa and not have bugs infest them or bite you. Enjoy moving my destroyed furniture out, madeline. I won't be taking your problem with me or getting bitten as I move it. I have a doctors note.


If anyone is taking them to court and needs my testimony or pics email me @ [email protected]

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I liked there in 2006 and didn't have bedbug problems but I had a horrible roach problem. I moved in around August and was promised that it would end when the hot weather ended. The problem got so bad I wasn't able to use my kitchen and would avoid even stepping in there for weeks at time.

I probably gave myself a health problem with all the chemicals I was spraying but the problem didn't end. I wound up having to move out a few months before my lease was up and lost a whole month's rent. I

should have taken it to court..

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I used to live in the building. I was put their by Rapid Realty a brokerage firm. I paid a brokers fee to live with these pest!!! I made Rapid Realty aware of the situation but regardless of the issue they continue to move people in there!! The landlord Maddelin is very well aware of the problem-she lies. She'll tell you that you might have brought them from work, caught them on the subway, or she has the courage to ask you if you have ever had this issue before.
contact me if you wish.


act me if you wish you make the issue public.
I have lived there before-these people deserve to go to court.
[email protected]

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11-17-09 7201 Ridge Blvd well, I am at my wits end with this problem. I moved in around april 08. I lived here almost a year with no problems. In march of 09 I started to get bitten. My roommate was seeing them. the landlord is very good about hiring a company to come. This is because the whole building seems to have had them at one point or another. No lie. As long as tenants don't react to bites, they don't seem to care. I do.
She tells me we are the only ones complaining. Meanwhile everyone

is complaining to her and each other and getting sprayed. I have been sprayed at least 7 times since march. Now they are EVERYWHERE. Like we never sprayed at all. I'm tired of living out of trash bags, constantly washing things, getting huge red welts from bites, and having the landlord tell me it's only me and it's our fault.

Everyone is moving out. I'm doing the same as soon as I can. I can't even take my furniture-any of it- it's so bad.

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Hello all,
I have lived at 7201 Ridge Blvd and I have Bed Bugs in my apartment. I advise you not to move into this building!! The exterminator has come here over 5 times now. And I still have this problem. I am going to leave. They say that they have never encountered this problem before, but everyone in this building has encountered this!! The reason i know is because I have asked a large amount of people & everyone has bedbug stories!!

I'm estimating the date here, but I think it's fairly accurate. At first I thought it was that the mosquitoes love me (they do) but it was more and more. We went away for a week (hopefully not spreading the problem) and when I came home and turned on the light in the bedroom there it was: a big fat bedbug right smack in the middle of the bed. I smashed it, inspected it and put off identifying it for a couple of days. We called our super and found out that a friendly neighbor of ours had put his

mattress out in the hall for about three days before calling the landlady to tell her it had bedbugs. The super is well-meaning, but basically handed us two cans of pesticide ("medicine" he called it) and told us to wash everything in hot water. I'm considering printing up an informational poster and putting it all over the building. The whole building needs treatment, but the super says it will cost $300/apartment, and is reluctant to do it. Ugh.

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