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8/16/10 Apt 3L
We had been through a bed bug scare about a year ago the landlords was extremely helpful and fast acting, it was was just a false alarm:our exterminator diagonosed them as spider beetles

My roomates and had decided to move out before actually discovering we had bedbugs (for reasons unrelated to the bugs, we just wanted bigger rooms) One of roommates started complaining about wever a few days later, while getting ready for work I saw a little nymph like bug run across my sh

eets. After returning home from work. I looked closer at my bedding underneath my bed. I found an exoskeleton of what to me resembled a bedbug, I bagged it and continued searching, of course now i skeptical of every speck of dirt or crumb I found. I didn't find much else really. I have a fitted sheet on my box spring. I heard bedbugs prefer the box spring over the mattress so I took off the sheet and further inspected. The outside of the sheet looked fine, and nothing much on the boxspring itself,when i turned the sheet inside out i realized there were eggs and what more nymphs. I double bagged the sheet and stuck it in the freezer. I contacted the landlord who gave me the number to the exterminator. They are willing to come out but one of my roommates is away until the weekend so we have to wait for her to bag her stuff since the exterminators said they diagnose and spray on the same day. which is stupid because last time we went through this huge hassle to only have spider beetles. This time I am certain these are not beetles.

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