695 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206-5027

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"sam" - clearly you are one of the landlords of this building; spend your time dealing with the problem instead of wasting it trying to fool people into thinking it doesn't exist. regardless of where the infestation comes from, you have a legal responsibility to eradicate it whether you are a 'nice guy' or not.

i lived in this house the landlord is a very nice guy he always takes care on every problem this house never had any bedbugs only that the tennent themselfs picked it somewere else from the mattress they took in from the street.

The landlord never told us that there had been a problem with bedbugs in this building before. We moved in (apartment 2L), and after we had been there for several months, noticed bedbugs in one of the bedrooms (spring of 2007). Originally we thought we had picked them up at the laundromat, especially because it seemed like such a light case of them. We had our apartment treated, but they kept coming back. Finally, we found out that the apartment across the hall (apartment 2R) had a very seve

re case of bedbugs, and also couldn't get rid of them. Also, at one point, just before we moved out, my roommate met someone that used to live in our building before we had, but had left because of the bedbug infestation. Apparently this building has a long history of bedbugs.

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