210 Scholes St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-2236

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During the year 2009 I started to notice little nasty ugly things crawling..come to find out it was bedbugs..It was my homegirls house I let her know and she complained to the landlord only to get ignored. This isn't the type of place where anyone should live...Something should be done.. This owner isn't doing the right thing..

A few days ago I noticed a bunch of bites on my chest and shoulders. I checked my bedding for bugs or signs of them but didn't see anything. However, this morning I had just woken up and spied a tiny bug making its way across my sheets. I smushed it and blood came out. Great.

I know that there had been an infestation elsewhere in the building about a year ago, but this is the first time I have had a problem with them. If the landlord doesn't get an exterminator in here asap I am hiring

my own and deducting it from the rent. Right now they are tiny and don't seem to be totally taking over, but I am about to drop $$$ on a mattress cover and do not particularly want to replace all of my furniture.

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i was getting bitten for a month and i was scratching. Thought it was just an allergy or something. Then i saw them under the bed

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