97 Montrose Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206-2007

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We also had a minor case of bedbugs in this building, around summer of 2009. And a neighbor in the building next door at 99 Montrose (same landlord/owner, shares walls with our building) told me they had had bedbugs about a year prior to that (no confirmation, this may be rumor). We had the apartment treated and then have kept vigilant about spraying our apartment and bedroom perimeters since then. No problems since, unless you count regular self-poisoning and constant paranoia!

The halls of

the building are filthy and, as noted in my neighbor's post, the building is quite porous so there are plenty of paths in as well as harborages for bedbugs and other pests should they choose to reside here.

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Our building has huge holes or gaps in the floor boards and walls. The landlord is a such a slum lord and does not take any preventitive action against rodents or insects whatsoever. On March 10th, 2011 we noticed some bites so we had an exterminator come out. We had a very minor case of bed bugs only found in the corner of our box spring, but who knows what lives in the floor boards of this building. We told our landlord and he blamed us for bringing the bugs to the building saying that there h

as never been bugs before. He is a complete liar. We spoke with our neighbors and they had bed bug two years ago. I looked on the map and we are a block and a half away from 131 Montrose that is supposed to be infested. This past winter I noticed they literally had thrown out whole apartment belongings on the street without sealing anything or saying that there are bed bugs on the stuff.

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