217 Maujer St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-1303

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I moved in in May and found bed bug bites in July, and soon after that, bedbugs. I contacted neighbors below who had recently moved out and it was because they couldn't get rid of their bedbugs either. They also stated that no one had lived in my particular apartment for more than 6 months due to the infestation--although I had signed a form stating that bed bugs had not existed in the apartment for 3 years or more. Lies. The landlord is in denial and refuses to help. The exterminator is incompe

tent and unable to understand that people have schedules and can't operate necessarily on his terms and schedule. There is no compensation for the amount of laundry one must do to prevent them from being in your clothes post fumigation. The first fumigation did nothing, for they came back, and it has been incredibly arduous to schedule a second fumigation due to the exterminator, as well as knowing they will always exist in my building and my apartment. Do not live here.

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On going bedbug problems, that the landlord who is impossible to get hold of refused to pay for. also bad cockroach infestation

on going bedbug infestation, mattresses and furniture out on the sidewalk monthly. i myself moved out of that apartment due to many failed attempts at exterminating the bedbugs.
also the landlord is a very absentee landlord.

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