14 Maujer St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-1002

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This building is totally clean and no bed bugs at all. Me and my friends in the building love this building and none of us have every had bed bugs. New ownership is very nice and accomodating. I'm writing this post to defend the owners, as they are so nice and receptive to tenants.

There are no bedbugs in this building. I have lived here for 5 years and know that the recent comments were made out of malice. The building is very well kept and the ownership is tremendous with how clean and well maintained it is.

My apartment is infested, I have asked the owner to spray he did twice they keep coming back. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING! Have spoken to alot of other tenants they are having problems as well. I am at the point of breaking my lease as are other tenants who live here.

2 bedbugs found- 1 dead, 1 alive- and 1 egg. Landlord had a maintenance worker come in and spray...they are supposed to come back in 2 weeks.

I know for a fact that 4 apartments have bed bugs in this building. I have been trying to get rid of them (and the owner helped once)but they keep coming back.... and so I am moving out!!!!

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