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We moved in late June, subletting a room within an apt. Now, in mid August, we have got the bugs and we have got them bad. My legs are covered with bites and I feel itchy all the time just thinking about how I got them. I can only hope that we can move and properly escape them.

I moved in in the first week of June and in five days I had my first bite marks. I thought they were harmless though--thought they might have been spider or mosquito bites. I spent a weekend at my cousin's and when I went back to the apartment, I was bit a lot the next night. I had bites all over my arms, hands, legs, and feet. The girls I was subletting from tried to get an exterminator through the landlord, but weren't helpful. I slept another night there and got more bites, on my face too. Th

e next day I called the landlord and found out I was subletting illegally, so the landlord would not help fund the exterminator and said I has to leave the apartment anyway because I shouldn't have been subletting. I missed a week of work and had to throw out so many of my things. A couple thousand dollars and a month later, it's over, but I'm now in a place with huge cockroaches. :(

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