241 Taaffe Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11205-4303

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3 apts on 7th floor are infested. I have suspicions that the mattress left in the lobby was from one of those. All 3 were exterminated on 4/14 and will have a 2nd ext this week. In addition, my apartment was prevention exterminated since my direct neighbor is one of those 3. So far I am free of any signs.

Update: A flier in the building posted on Saturday, April 9, 2011, informed residents that a bedbug-infested mattress and box spring had been left in the lobby the day before (Friday). It was removed the next day. The source of the mattress is unknown, so it appears that an additional apartment or apartments in the building are still infested.

UPDATE: Exterminator returned for 2nd spraying a few days ago. No signs of bed bugs since initial spray.

Bedbugs found on second floor. We believe it was caught early, only had 1 night of bites and 1 roommate still hasn't been effected. Management was very responsive, sent exterminator in immediately. The exterminator said he was in this building a while ago in the apt directly below so we think that's the source. Adult bedbug was found in bathroom so possibly they moved with the piping. Apt has been sprayed once, will update in few weeks.

I've lived in this apartment for three years and found bedbugs. I exterminated with NY bedbug dogs

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