144 Spencer St
Brooklyn, NY 11205-3990

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There are bed bugs in this building because the ground level use to be a "mattress factory" until about 2004/2005. Prior to this the entire 1st floor was devoted to manufacturing box springs. I lived on the second floor RIGHT ABOVE the main entrance where ever morning there would be homeless people with piles of used mattresses they found on the street to sell to this mattress factory. Im sure this was a massive infestation of bedbugs piled on top of one another. They would pull out the "reu

sable" box springs and refurbish them for a brand new infested box spring. Eventually there lease ran out and Spencer Realty forced them out to turn the first floor into business suites. When they called in exterminators to bomb the first floor for bed bugs little did they realize the bugs would just flee up into the building. My bed frame and box spring were covered in bedbugs. IT WAS NASTY. We had to have an exterminator come in twice and that seemed to kill whatever bugs were in the apt. Of course I also bought a brand new bed. So this is how this building got infested with bedbugs in the very beginning. Enjoy.

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Apartment 502. Realized we had bedbugs in late June of 2009. The landlord paid for treatment (4 sprays) but they are still around. Living in plastic bag hell. We may be moving.

Found bedbugs at the beginning of the summer (2007); all three bedrooms and living room affected. Threw out one bed and the couch.
Landlord was terrific; no one's seen anything or had a bite in months and the exterminator still comes back for regular follow-up sprays.

Found bites and, upon inspection, found bedbugs in 2 bedrooms. We have laundered everything and sprayed but they have come back. Not sure if we should report this to the landlords and risk being accused of bringing them into building with furniture.

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