872 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205-2702

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I am the tenant of an apartment in this building. I was getting bit about 5-7 times a night and thought it might have been mosquitoes. One night I wake up to a bed bug on my face. From then on I would see them between 3-5 crawling on my walls, and if you looked closer you would see a bunch of the infant ones. We called our landlord the next day after researching different exterminators. Our landlord found one on his own the cheapest he could find and would not let us know the company's name or g

et a follow up note/call from the exterminator. The spray did not work and our landlord Ralpheal Davron would not and still does not answer/return our phone calls. Finally after threatening to complain to the Department of Buildings he got the exterminator back to spray again. That did not work. He only sprayed our apartment instead of the other units as well so as I am typing this the problem is getting worse seeing as they lay 200 eggs at a time. The other day simply sitting on our couch my husband had one crawl on his foot. The second spray seemed to slow them down but now we are getting bit again. During this whole ordeal we have had to get rid of our bed, pillows, other furniture. We have most of our clothing etc in bags for weeks since they are not gone. Landlord is completely unresponsive and in addition is retaliating against us for not wanting to live with bed bugs by trying to evict us for violation of lease for a reason totally unrelated but not in violation of our lease. DO NOT MOVE HERE!! Unless you like bedbugs and want to get rid of all of your furniture.

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