88 Adelphi St
Brooklyn, NY 11205-2305

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My good friend nearly went crazy after bedbugs infested her apartment in 2009. Exterminator came and several weeks later the bugs were back. She had to move out as word swept through the building that the problem was severe.

I'm reporting this as a courtesy, because I can see that several people have written a report on this building for 2009. I lived at the building in 2006-2007.

2006 was the first time bedbugs made an appearance in this building. They never came into our unit in large numbers; for example, we never had to get rid of our bed, etc. However, my wife was very allergic, and she was being bitten nightly for months. The landlord called out a competent exterminator regularly, but service was neve

rtheless erratic and it was about 6 months before the problem was contained. I say "contained," because bedbugs were confined to a few units, but not driven out.

After a fire in 2007, the bedbugs went throughout the building again, occupying all units including the supers. This time the landlord had a more comprehensive strategy, with multiple sprays on all floors taking place three times over three months, simultaneous. Tenants were educated about the extermination, and a meeting was held to discuss the process.

I was impressed by the efforts to deal with the bedbugs in 2007. However, the landlord was often inaccessible and unavailable to help with the other numerous problems that this building experienced, so I'm not surprised to read that bedbugs are still a problem today.

I would advise renting elsewhere until this building changes management. Three years is more than enough time to come to grips with a vermin problem and deal with it, even one as persistent as bedbugs.

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Saw 1st bed bug in April \'08, 6 months after moving in. The landlord had pest control out and they sprayed once. Saw another in April \'09. Couldn\'t get in touch with the landlord due to the Jewish holidays and none of the supers had the pest control number. Pest control finally came out 5 days after the sighting and sprayed once. It is now June \'09 and the for the 1st time I have bites and we found two bugs in our bed. Our neighbor across the hall also has the bugs and a neighbor upsta

irs moved out due to the bugs.

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