104 Carlton Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205-2202

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In Apt 2A,

I had bites all over me, reddened and in rows on my arms and legs. My back was bitten, feet, buttocks and breasts. For months I thought it was mosquitoes, til I saw the tyra banks show the first week of June 08 and she had a bed bug expert on who said to check the mattress and box spring. So immediately I lifted up my mattress, low and behold, there the little fuckers were. I threw my mattress away that instant, cleaned out my entire room, bagged up clothing and shoes, bleached/mo

ped the floors and slept on my aero bed that night. Well I didnt do much sleeping because I was so damn paranoid about the bed bugs. The incident was reported to NYCHA aka the Projects, and I no longer live there. Threw away all wood furniture and my textbooks, washed and dried all clothing and stuffed animals or anything that would carry those pests and sealed them in space bags. Bought Fossil dust for my new apartment and laid that shit in every crack and crevice I could find. Haven seen those lil fuckers since.

P.S. My niece also had them in her bedroom, she and her boyfriend saw them coming out the cracks of the walls and the outlets.

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