19 Wyckoff St
Brooklyn, NY 11201-6304

Found 2 reports:

January 2013
Bed bugs are again an issue in this building. Several units have been affected, although reports seem to show very mild cases (1 - 5 bugs per unit). It is still unclear what efforts the management/ownership are willing to take to ensure complete eradication from the building as a whole.

Bed bugs affected at least 4 apartments in the building as of March 2012. The infestation was caused by the resident of apartment 15, who also infested the building with roached. It is a slovenly, mentally unstable alcoholic who lives in that apartment and although the landlords have tried to evict him, apparently the city of New York cares more about one lowlife then the rest of the building. I would caution against anyone moving to this building.

No nearby bug reports