139 Amity St
Brooklyn, NY 11201-6108

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Began to get bitten in Nov. 2009. Thought it was mosquitos. Then my husband began to be bitten. Found out in January 2010 that we had bedbugs infesting our mattress (I saw many, many live ones at all stages of development, UGH!). I called landlady and told her and asked for exterminator. She was very nasty, accused me of bringing the bugs in, refused to notify other tenants, as I requested, and initially told me I would have to pay to have them exterminated. Exterminator finally arrived, paid fo

r by the landlady. Bugs were gone by end of February and had not returned by end of August. We later found out about other infestations on Amity St. that had been going on for some time before we got them. One infestation was in the building next door to us, and had probably been the source of our infestation.

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