94 Baltic St
Brooklyn, NY 11201-5904

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This was a case of early detection and successful extermination. The apartment is bedbug free.

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I am the landlord for this address. I have owned this building for 14 years and never had a problem until these three males moved in. It was determined by a lisenced exterminator that the origin of the infestation came from the tenant's mattresses. The apartment was newly renovated prior to occupancy. I had a previous tenant for 12 years without bed bug issues. These tenants broke their lease because of the bed bugs THEY brought in. The apartment has since been fumigated twice after their depar

ture and no signs of infestation were found. It has sincere been rented to a nice family that respects the place in which they reside by keeping it clean.

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As the exterminator who did this job; I have to say on this one the bed bugs were bought in by the tenants themselves. The apartment is on a third floor townhouse which was newly renovated: I inspected the apartment and found a low infestation located on the mattress in two bedrooms. I contacted the previous tenant and she stated she resided there for over 12 years with no reports of bed bugs; also spoke with tenant on 2 floor she reported no problems also. I have to say sometime people are i

n denial!!!

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