256 Pacific St
Brooklyn, NY 11201-5718

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I do not want to give my apartment number as this has been most traumatic with other occupants of the building and the management company.
About a month and a half ago January 1st or so, I started seeing bites all over my back and legs. After it got so bad, I went to my doctor who said it looked like bed bug bites. My dermatologist agreed that it was definitely bed bug bites. The management company sent someone to do an inspection and he found bed bugs in my quilted headboard.
I had to tig

htly bag and seal with duct tape all my belongings, throw out my bed and remove all my clothes and linen from the apartment and take them to be cleaned.
I may have been the first to let the managers of the building know, but now the exterminator who treated my apartment is inspecting every apartment in the building and treating the whole building for the next 3 months.
I called Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz\' office to ask for some counseling and to see if there is a fund to help out people like me(this has cost me a fortune- I had to buy a bed and replace so much stuff-not too mention pay to stay somewhere else for 3 weeks) and his communication\'s person was no help whatsoever.She told me to contact Mike Bloomberg\'s office, which I did and they never responded.
This has been an ongoing nightmare. To move to another apartment building is not a solution as I could get another apt with the same bed bug problem.

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