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Assured Environments has set standards in the pest control industry since 1934.

Assured Environments has been true to it’s commitment to servicing its clients nationwide with a truly

customized integrated Pest Management solution, servicing over million square feet of

commercial, corporate, institutional, hotels, nursing homes and residential space

The Bed Bug Dog Inspection is 97% accurate

The “Nose” is the cutting edge technology and the latest trend in the h

ome pest control industry.

It’s the only inspection tool that can detect and pinpoint the many sources of Bed Bugs.

If an apartment is identified to have a problem with Bed bugs, the following proper treatment and control procedure is done:

Upon arriving to the apartment the bed bug treatment starts with a through inspection and treatment of the ROOMS TO BE TREATED.
Using a portable dry heat steam machine, the mattress and box spring will be treated to help insure the proper treatment for larvae.
A Hepa-Vacuum treatment to the rooms, with great detail being spent on individual components of the bed including the mattress, box spring, bed frames, headboards, end board etc.’ than moving around the bed continuing to the furniture around the bed and pictures in the bedroom.
Each box spring void will be strategically injected with an approved dust insecticide.
Critical to the treatment are detailed treatments to the components of the bed including the mattress. Box spring, headboard, bed frame continuing on to all areas of the bedroom including the crack and crevice of bedroom furniture (especially the night tables) pictures, chest drawers. The treatment will also include perimeter, dusting of any cracks and crevices lifting of carpeting, injection of wall voids etc……
After treatment of bedroom has been completed, the mattress and box spring will be fitted with protective encasements.

A follow-up inspection and treatment took place and the subject apartment was found to be free of any evidence of infestation.

Recently, a Canine inspection took place in certain areas of the building and those specific areas were cleared.

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Bedbugs were found by dog inspection in the apartment unit and the source is unknown.

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