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On 3 separate occasions, Jan 23rd, Feb 3rd and Feb 6th bed bugs were found in the health science buildings. After all these incidents the Dean of the school would say that they are taking care of the problem and exterminating, but that is a clear lie. They say they are fumigating, but if they were this problem would not be so widespread. To further raise the ridiculousness of this problem,. The dean is now blaming students for this. With the tuition we pay they should hire a real exterminator a

nd prevent this problems from occurring again. Too bad 311 has no say in this since it is a private college, hopefully someone gets the news involved or something, because this is really scaring me.

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There are bed bugs in long island university especially in the health sciences building. I have always heard about how're infestation of bed bugs from classmates until today I was in class and the girl behind me saw one crawling on her thigh. This is disgusting and we sit in these class for hours. For the amount of tuition being charged in this school none of the students or faculty should have to deal with this type of unsanitary environment.

These bugs are all over the long island university campus on campus chairs and in the dorms. No one is addressing this issue at long island university and nothing is being done about it. I've actually witnessed and seen one of these creatures on a classmate and had to bring it to his attention.This was embarrassing to say the least.Someone needs to contact the officials in my school.I would love to do it however I don't want to get in trouble or anything of that nature. Please help out our love

ly campus!

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