55 Pineapple St
Brooklyn, NY 11201-1742

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From http://bedbugblog.blogspot.com/2006/06/known-bedbug-infestations.html

Hello all. Just wanted to leave a note about a building my wife and I and daughter are leaving, it\'s 55 Pineapple Street in Brooklyn. We had a \'mild\' case of bedbugs. It\'s a mixed rental/co-op building (we rented), and the co-op mgmt. company we worked with on treatments was amazing, totally responsive, great to work with! The rental mgmt company was totally MIA, and when our lease renewal came up, they wanted to r

aise our rent 10% to stay another year, and we hear that they are going to try to rent the apt. for $2800. It IS a really nice 1-bedroom apt in Brooklyn Heights, but if anyone reads this and looks at an apt in this building, ask questions! Like I said, the co-op company was great, and (knock wood) we\'ve been ok since late December, but I can GUARANTEE that the rental management company is NOt going to inform prospective renters, so I\'m trying to post where ever I can to spread the word to just be careful and ask!

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