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I found bed bugs in the late winter/early Spring of 2008. By the time I noticed the bugs my mattress, box-spring and sheets were covered with hundreds of bed bugs. They appeared to be going into the floor-boards, as the floors were old and cracked--providing plenty of places for the bugs (and their eggs) to hide. I threw the infested bed-set, sheets, carpet, ect. away and used a different mattress, but the bugs kept coming! I woke up most mornings covered in bites. The bugs eventually moved in

to my living room and attacked my spare mattress, couch, desk and carpets. The landlord sent over an exterminator who did a poor job spraying some substance around that was supposed to kill the bugs once they stepped on said substance (this substance was "sharp" for the bugs and was supposed to stab them), yet I would look on the floor and see hundreds of bugs crawling around on and in this substance without dying. (This stuff he sprayed made a huge mess, however; and my cat would eat it). After a few months of trying to control the problem to no avail, I moved out of the apartment. I also had to throw away ALL of my furniture (including dressers) and had to send all my clothes to the laundry mat in between being in this apartment and my new one, to avoid taking the bugs with me. Luckily, the bed bugs did not move with me to my new place. However, on my move-out day I saw them on the floor still. The bug problem cost me both time that I could not spare, and thousands of dollars that I also could not afford to spend. Unfortunately, upon speaking to neighbors in the building I learned the problem was not exclusive to my apartment.

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