31-14 34th St, Apt 14
Astoria, NY 11106

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Building is infested with bedbugs.They just never seem to eliminate the problem spraying an apt only when its infested.The management company doesn't care to handle the matter in a professional way.Best thing to do is once rent is due for all 16 units to hold the rent and see how they like that.If they dont take this problem serious i will be calling the buildings dept and see how they like that.Sick and tired of this.

We've been getting bites over the past few months but we thought it was a mosquito. We moved in around April 1st and we were told that the building was bed bug free. This morning we actually found a bed bug despite there being no signs on the mattress or furniture and then we find out that the apt below us has had recurring issues with bed bugs and that we were seemingly lied to regarding the bed bug situation in the building. The building seems to be infested and since the landlord only treats

the problem one apartment at a time the bedbugs are never completely eliminated.

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