3216 Crescent St
Astoria, NY 11106-4141

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(May-June 2012) I just moved in 2 months ago. The Landlord did not give me the standard DBB-N form disclosing any bed bug issues for the past year. Well, the two bums below me apparently are disgusting and infested. I'm very tidy and clean and got bites within two weeks of living here. And the landlord's "exterminator" came in and sprayed everything without looking at what it was, and flipped over furniture, left everything a mess and with dust all over the place. Very unprofessional. Not to m

ention no plan for extermination, no proof of licensure,and no release of what products were being used. Needless to say I am still finding bed bugs a week later after an "extermination". I have filed a complaint with the city via 311 and will have an inspector here soon to go through the proper process to eradicate these bugs.

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I am a neighbor and am concerned. I walked by Saturday morning July 30th and saw mattresses, couch etc out in the street. I asked one of the tenants and they confirmed there is a big problem not to mention there is an apartment on the first floor with diatomaceous earth sprinkled on all their window sills. I am really nervous this will spread to the rest of the block and am surprised this problem has been going on for almost two years. This is unacceptable and is putting everyone else at ris


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Ongoing issue in building. Began last year (though was probably happening for longer). Landlord provides exterminator, but does not inform neighbors -- just waits for someone to complain and then sends exterminator, rather than doing multiple apartments at a time.

Believe that every floor in building is affected at varying levels.

Reports of bedbugs on 5th and 6th floors.

Recent activity discovered in 3rd floor apartment.

They appear to (perhaps) be moving through the walls.

Recommend all holes int he wall from nails, screws, etc., be patched up ASAP.

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