3406 32nd St
Astoria, NY 11106-2702

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I have lived in this apartment since April 1st 2009 and have now had a bedbug infestation twice.

First infestation was in the summer of 2009 and after working with the landlord, my apartment was treated 3 times. I was told I would have to pay for the 3rd treatment, but luckily was able to fight this charge as other apartments in the building were refusing treatment.

Second infestation was in November of this year (2010). I have only begun to clean and prepare for the exterminators and will

insist that they treat the apartment at least 3 times, as well as the adjoining apartments.

The exterminators will only come during work hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) so be prepared to take some time off work.

After the first infestation I was lucky enough not to have to throw out any furniture or carpets, but I saw bed bugs in the bed frame, mattress and woke up with one on my pillow!

Now, dealing with the second infestation, I have thrown out my futon and carpet (which weren't infected in the first insistence). There are definitely other apartments in my building that have bed bugs and have not been treated. However, I have not seen more than the one bed bug (again, waking up with it on my pillow) or any evidence of more. This could be though because the bed frame and mattress are both dark.

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