3611 31st Ave
Astoria, NY 11106-1050

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I lived in the building from 1995-2004. The infestation became apparent during the summer of 2004. Estates Supervision made things worse by hiding and denying the problem and trying to treat the condition with a regular exterminator. Management, and in partucular a woman named Angela, treated me like crap and ignored my pleas. I discovered that my neighbors below me and next door tome also were infested. It was so bad, I literally ran out of the apt. in Dec 2004 after spending $1000 on 2 new

beds, not to mention the cost of dry cleaning and the loss of leaving much of my furniture behind. It was a nighmare made even worse by Estates Supervision-Robert Peck and his side kick, Angela. I still have photos of the deplorable condition of the building including pohotos of the bugs and bites. If you are thinking of living at 36-11, think again!

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I\'ve lived in that building for 32, and in the same apartment for 28 years and recently moved out of state in February, but my family still lives in the same apartment. I just went home to visit and there is still a major bedbug problem in their apartment. It started years ago when they decided to go through the basement and clear things up. There were years upon years of old matresses, furniture and everything else you can imagine down there. This must of been almost 4 years ago. Our firs

t problem were mice, a dozen of them found and killed in my apartment in a month\'s time. We\'ve had mice before, but never like this, usually 2-3 sightings a year at the most. Then came the bedbugs. Now, this was during the summer, so when we all started itching we atributed it to mosquitos, only I wasn\'t seeing any and was getting pretty well bitten up. A while after summer we were still wondering why we kept getting \"mosquito bites\"... I had dozens of bites on each arm, little pinpointed bumps running up and down them and all over my legs as well. Then one day I was laying in bed and saw a bug I\'d never seen before crawling up the wall. I instinctively killed it and that\'s when I knew something was wrong. I started noticing many of them all over the walls next to my bed and kept killing them, sometimes over 10 a night. Finally after many complaints from several tenants (and many lies about the condition... they [one woman in particular at the Estates Supervision who ran our building] kept telling us that noone else had complained about such a serious outbreak or that when they investigated they only found 1 or 2 bedbugs, which was a bull crap lie, because tenants TALK to each other and I know they had it just as bad as we did) they had some guys come in and bomb the building. Lot of good it did, they were in no way specialists in treating bedbugs and we had to get new beds all around and STILL had a major problem. After over a year of their incompetant exterminators coming in once a month and spraying lightly around we got our own specialists to come in. They bombed my apartment the way it should of been done and came in once a month for follow-up. We were doing well, but others were still suffering from the bedbug problem. Many tenants have moved in and out, especially in the apartment right next to mine because of the problem and every time they come in to fix the apartment up to re-rent (painting and fixing walls and whatnot) we would get out bedbugs back again because of the disturbance.

Now, I just visited home and stayed in my old room and bed and guess what?? After the FIRST night I was bit to hell due to the fact that the lady directly underneath me left and she had been in her apartment for longer then I had been in mine, so they are completely gutting the place and sending all her bedbugs up to us in the progress.

Unless the management gets experts in the field of bedbugs, such as the exterminators my family uses, and bombs every single apartment in that building it will NEVER truly be rid of them

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This building has had bed bugs for years so don\'t be fooled into thinking this is a \'light\' infestation. The problem originally started in 2004 when I lived in the building (Apt. 3B) and, as far as I know, all apartments around mine were infested. That\'s why I got out. If they are still there more than three years later, it\'s a bad sign.

not too bad of an infestation yet, only one live one spotted and sporadic bites (usually with weeks in between).

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