51-01 39th Ave
Sunnyside, NY 11104

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DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! The entire W Building is INFESTED with bedbugs. Management is shady and tried to make you feel like an idiot when putting in complaints. Upon moving in, tenants are told an exterminator comes once a week and the first Saturday of every month. CLEARLY there is a problem if you have an exterminator in the building 5 times a month! Also, the exterminations aren't mandatory, which is counterproductive... but again the building is crawling with bedbugs, so a little spray

isn't going to eradicate the problem. They need to evacuate the entire complex to really treat the problem, but that's never going to happen unless the city comes in and quarantines this place.

I had only been living there for a month or so before I started seeing the bedbugs crawling through the cracks in my floorboards. Worst experience of my life. I ended up hiring my own exterminator and when I called the security guard to let the exterminator into the building, the security guard asked me if the guy was on the premises to help with the "termite" problem. Seriously?!? This place is the biggest joke and a horrible scam!

If anyone is looking to move into this complex (in any building), my words of advice... DON'T. You'll save yourself a lot of time and money and you'll sleep much better at night. Just say NO!

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It is now 2011 & management is no better. The sunnyside garden apartments, aka Phipps, is crawling with bed bugs! They do NOT require all tenants to cooperate & as a result the infestation is growing.

There are multiple apartment buildings at the Phipps and I know of a few buildings that have bed bugs. We first reported them in 2003 (We lived in building W). They were horrible and very hard to get rid of especially because our neighbors had them and didn't do anything about it. Management was HORRIBLE about helping us get rid of them, and requiring the other apartments to exterminate. We ended up paying for an exterminator ourselves. We got rid of them and then they came back again mostl

y because the management company would not force the other apartments around us and in our building to exterminate. After we had them the second time, we threw out a ton of stuff including furniture and then moved.
This was back in 2003 when it wasn't such an issue in NY. Again, the management company treated us like we were nuts. Also, what people fail to realize is that you need to exterminate for bed bugs differently than say roaches. You also need to wash everything multiple times in hot water and make sure they are not hiding out in furniture, etc. It is a huge process to get rid of them... time, energy, money and mental torture, and if you have neighbors that have them and they don't do anything about it, you can get them again as they can move through the floor boards, etc. It was a horrible experience.

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