49th St
Sunnyside, NY 11104

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49th Street between 43rd Ave and Skillman. Landlord was in complete denial when I told her of the problem. I showed her proof of the smooshed bug (which unfortunately exploded so I couldn't show the real bug), bug feces, the wikipedia article online, and the nymphs I found in the curtains. I couldn't figure out how I got them myself, seeing as how I haven't bought any used furniture in ages and the new furniture was bought in January with no signs of bugs until late June/early Ju

ly when I was first bit, but saw no actual bugs until July 27th.

There was a building about 5 doors down in the middle of the block with furniture outside and a sign that read "chinches" (which is "bedbugs" in Spanish) on it. My best guess is the problem originated from there and the block was becoming infested. New furniture came out every week so I'm guessing it was pretty bad.

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