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6-16-11 Bed bugs again on the 3rd floor. Management is using a so called "green" exterminating company now. In other words the cheapest one they can find as they are in foreclosure. They are only exterminating individual apartments as the need arises instead of treating adjacent apartments. Last summer the exterminating company was very good. They're in the entire building, in the walls. I guess management thinks bed bugs don't travel.

February 28, 2011. This property, and all the others managed by this company in Sunnyside, just went into foreclosure. This has been coming for sometime. No surprise there. This is not a good place to live. Management co. did a "treatment" for bed bugs recently on the second floor. They used an organic company, once they sprayed the infected apartment, the bugs spread to the adjacent spaces. So much for organic. Keeping our fingers crossed. Doesn't sound promising.

No. Bed bugs. If you want your life to be miserable for oh so many reasons then live here. You can do better.


To the person who looks to rent here.
We now have bed bugs once again on the second floor.

Managment is not in New York.
Not Good.

I am considering renting an apt in this building, then I found this page quite by accident. When I called 311 to get more info about the complaints filed at this particular location, I was told I would need the complaint #s to access that info. They would only refer me to general brochures about bed bug control. Does anyone feel comfortable releasing their complaint number here? It would only be for my own personal use, but if you are not comfortable with this, I understand. Much thanks.

I feel your pain. Landlords are required to disclose bed bug activity for the past 12 months. HOWEVER, that may be only if you ask. I would say you should be able get out of your lease. Problem is you do not want to take bed bugs with you to your new place!! When we went through the first go around of exterminations in September, the exterminator said he found evidence on every floor. Feel free to re-read the previous entries here. Management downplayed this and said only a few apartments were "

infested". They are liars!! There are low level and high level infestations. No one knows for sure what we had and where. To my knowledge the building has been exterminated 2x fully then again on the 3rd floor. Now there's activity on 2nd fl. Did they exterminate? Does anyone know? Thing is...everyone must be compliant in order for this to work. Go to http://council.nyc.gov/downloads/pdf/bed_bugs_report_2010.pdf for a 39 page guideline and explanation. This is very comprehensive and may help you. BY LAW the landlord will have to pay for all exterminations. However, no one but you will pay for the headache, loss of sleep, anxiety, fear, time and money spent of laundry, dry cleaning and the complete and total loss of the use of your apartment! Good luck my friend.

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I just signed a lease for an apartment in this building and neither the real state broker nor the landlord have informed about the bed bug infestation that has been happening in the building. Do anyone know if every unit of the building is infested??

January 30th, 2011. Well much to our horror, the second floor has a bed bug problem again. Tenant refuses to use exterminator. She thinks she can solve this problem herself. She does not understand the nature of this problem. There are so many other problems about this building and the management only cares about their rent. Do not live here. The building is in bad shape. Management is horrible.

October 25th, 2010. Keeping my fingers crossed as I don't seem to find bedbugs in my place. Since last report building manageer was fired. Now we have an offiste manager, she's too new to tell if she understands this problem yet. So far no one is impressed with her. Although I have seen no evidence of bed bugs in my apt. someone on the 3rd floor is being exterminated again because she has a reinfestation. The building is going to hell, management doesn't care. Just yesterday someone just left a

sofa in the hallway with bags of clothes on it. Are you kidding me?!!!
We are only now getting our apartment almost back to normal still unpacking and cleaning like crazy. Suffering post traumatic sleep disorders. I feel like I have bugs crawling on me at night. Hopefully this new manager will be on top of any new outbreaks. The building is very upset. The tenants are NOT happy at all.

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9-2-10 Update. Conflicting reports. Exterminating co states positive findings on every floor. Ext. co. states that problem is much worse than originally thought. Mgt. is downplaying. Meanwhile this problem was so badly handled from the beginning. We were all sitting around for WAY too long for mgt. to actually get someone in to begin exsterminating. Meanwhile many of us on our own were able to get someone in the next day after mgt said no one was available. What's up with that? People still disc

arding bedbug infested furniture and clothing at common garbage area. ANd it sits there for days with people goping through garbage and collecting what they think is a great street find. Mgt. handed out a lame instruction pamphlet. Too little too late. We are all angry, frustred, and now poor. Just saw a bug in my bedroom last night. Even after the first extermination. Second is Sept 15th. I don't know how we are supposed to "live" like this. This is more than a pest. Bedbugs are predators NOT parasites. They have adapted and compensated and will continue to do so until SOMEONE gets it right. This would make a person rich if they could figure out a way to eliminate these predators.

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Exterminators found evidence of bed bugs on every floor because the tenant on the 1st floor had them for so long and wasn't telling anyone so they could call in the professionals.

Two apt.'s on 4th fl had the beginnings of "activity." Not sure how many on the third floor. There was one apt. on the 2nd floor that had a really bad infestation as a result of the 1st floor persons gross negligence.

Landlord is having entire building (each unit) treated with follow-up treatments. At least there

's THAT. But, we're all in a state of panic and anxiety.

Also - the property mgr. is kind of a looney. Don't try and live here if you can help it.

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8-16-10 45-56 42nd St, Sunnyside, NY 11104: Report of at least 2 infestations (most likely 1st and 2nd floor) in 24 unit apartment building. Building manager states a tenant/s complained about bed bugs so manager called floors above and below and found the original site of the problem. Apparently original tenants have been trying to get rid of the problem all by themselves for THREE months to no avail. Next step a bug sniffing dog is coming Wednesday, if dog finds more units affected the origin

al 2 plus any others will be fumigated. Personally I think the problem is much bigger than stated. Building has had a LOT of turn around and people have brought in OLD furniture and let it sit in the hallways for days on end. There have also been many mattresses disposed of and left outside at the common garbage site. We are all VERY, VERY upset as this will take large amounts of money and time. Two things that most people do not have extra! Hopefully this will have a speedy positive outcome and that this post alerts others.

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