4100 43rd Ave
Sunnyside, NY 11104

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May 2015

We moved into this building in mid-May 2015 and one week later were informed that our upstairs neighbors had bedbugs. 3 weeks later, we found them in our apartment. The landlords are awful. We've had two exterminators come and tell us that our apartment isn't infested and the bugs are coming from other infestations in the building. They've told us what needs to happen is that the apartment have all floor/wall junctions sealed. The landlord refuses. The landlord did not disclose when

we moved in that the apartment had been infested just a few weeks before we moved in. Do no move here, after talking to multiple other tenants there are bedbugs throughout this building and there has been for years. The landlords are completely ineffectual at eradicating the infestation.

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There were recently several cases of bedbugs reported in the building. A couple moved in in March and were immediately infested with bedbugs. The landlord did no disclose that the tenant below them had bedbugs and that the previous tenants in their apartment also had them. The management company hired a bed bug sniffing dog to inspect all of the apartments in the East wing. 4 apartments had them. The management then hired a company to do extreme remediation late April. I haven't heard of a

ny other cases since the remediation.

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While I was 9 months pregnant our apartment became infested with bedbugs. The experience was traumatizing!! I lost a couch and a rug, $1600 worth of stuff. When I went to the hospital to have my second child my husband was home packing and cleaning up the place. I was angry to find out later there were reports of bedbugs before we moved in by several apartments. We were never told by the landlord before we moved in. When we threw out our couch and rug it was left in the garbage for several


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August 2009
Found three bed bugs
Sunnyside, NY
Exterminator has declared they are in the apt.
Now we have to repack everything, of course after we've vacuumed, and cleaned. We just moved there in April 2009 and to repack everything with an 11 month old is going to be difficult to say the least.

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