41-42 44th St
Queens, NY 11104

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I live in an apartment building nearby and on my way home I saw a few mattresses outside laying on top of a garbage pile wrapped in a transparent covering, in what appears to contain whatever was infested in the mattresses. I took a look at the mattresses and they definitely had signs of a bed bug problem...blood stains...black dots etc. This was on 3/29/11. Thankfully mattresses were picked within a day. Today, 4/5/11, I noticed in the same area in front of this building there were wooden dress

er draws along with dresser itself etc. thrown on top of garbage. Also another indicator of bed bug infestation in an apartment. The complex can be described as a multi-unit building...it's pretty big covering 3 buildings side by side (41-44). In sunnyside I have seen mattresses out with coverings indicating contamination and prevention of a widespread outbreak, however when I saw these particular mattresses near my building complex I got upset.

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