43-38 40th St
New York, NY 11104

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I just learned about this website. This was a few years ago: I know one of a bed bug infestation of at least one apartment in this complex. The apartment was treated, but not by a professional exterminator, as apt. management refused to acknowledge responsibility. The tenant threw away anything removable that could have been contaminated, including mattresses. Tenants lived out of plastic storage containers for a months, and encased their mattresses in plastic. Still, after a few months, the bed

bugs reappeared.

I am unaware if the rest of the building has experienced bed bugs, but I find it unlikely for an infestation of this sort to be limited to a single apartment of an apartment complex, without professional exterminators.

Not to pick on this location, but I know the stress of a bed bug infestation. You lose sleep. Your job is affected. You lose a lot of money replacing things that can't be washed. I just wanted to make sure any potential tenants were warned, and they can make decisions accordingly. Put it in your lease that the landlord handles any potential infestations, as these guys will pull the "Anybody could've brought them in here- including you" excuse- despite the fact that infestation of one apt. affects the entire building. I'm not sure renters insurance would cover this.

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